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Get Involved in 8Shot

We are very excited to be on the verge of releasing 8Shot. We are currently seeking Investors who can share our vision. Contact 8Shot today and arrange for a copy of our Investors Package. There has never been a better time to look at the potential of 8Shot.

8Shot Appoints CTO

8Shot welcomes Dr Duncan Hickman as new CTO and board member in 8Shot. Dr. Hickman brings a wealth of Internationally recognised expertise and experience to this revolutionary team.

8Shot to Launch Soon!!

We are very excited to be in our pre-launch phase and will be introducing blogs, members forums and extensive social media.

About 8Shot

8Shot is a brand new and exciting concept that transforms  the traditional game of pool into a fast action sport entertainment and media package with global connectivity.

With patented technology, developed exclusively in consultation with some of the World’s leading engineers, we are poised to be the next household name and global brand.

For more information, read our EXECUTIVE SUMMARY